Monday, October 24, 2011


Best kept secret..


Voodoo Child



  1. This guy has nothing to do with XO, except for lying about being a member of it. As to being creative, take a look here:

    Voodoo Child = Zeds Ded – Rude Boy
    Raised by Wolves = Purity Ring – Lofticries
    Ring of Fire = Awolnation – Sail
    Ritalin = Gorillaz – All Alone
    Homeless = Digital Farm Animals – (I Wanna Go) Home
    The Flooding = Rennie Foster — Devil’s Water (Reprise) = Cat Power – Troubled Waters
    Fire Red = Gotye – Hearts A Mess (3am Mix)
    Magic Touch = DropxLife – LightxSome = Clint Mansell – Coney Island Dreaming
    Mumbles = DropxLife – KingsxCross
    Feather/Creep = Radiohead – Creep (DFA Remix)

    Anyone recognizes any other songs dude has used?

    The videos are stolen, too, obviously:
    Carpark North – Human
    Our Day Will Come/Notre Jour Viendra (Trailer)
    .. to name just two.

    Ask yourself why he disables and deletes comments.. because he doesn't want people to know the truth about him.
    Stop the hype. Don’t give this guy any credit. That’s just totally undeserved.

  2. i figured hes not part of the xo, but who gives a fuck his music is killer, he may use other peoples tracks, but thats the point of a remix, if you dont like, just move along...