Monday, April 4, 2011

Jamie Woon - Mirrorwriting

Jamie Woon has been getting HUUGE in 2010 with a bunch of pre released singles, now with a full album to his name, he knows whats good. Think a male version of Adele synced with James Blake... this talent is full of soul and beautiful lyrics. Check the album, and the million mixes of his songs out there on soundcloud and youtube. Jamie Woon quenching the need of the modern music of the world. ftw.

Jamie Woon - Spirits.mp3

Jamie Woon - Lady Luck.mp3

Jamie Woon - Night Air.mp3

Jamie Woon - Gravity

Jamie Woon - Spiral

The Album has everything here and more, "Shoulda" (Y)
Download Jamie Woon -

Jamie Woon - Lady Luck (Al Fresco) (Acapella)

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