Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Various Artists - Pop Massacre

Dntel and friends take on a track each on this Pop Massacre album. Really taking on the maintstream pop songs and turning them around. Finding the resemblance's, not so easy.


Get the whooooole mixtape rite here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shawn Chrystopher

This Inglewood Californian has spent his lifetime perfecting his art of spitting rhymes to a fine beat. As a small kid growing up listening to 2Pac, Puff Daddy and Michael Jackson to name a few, he would take a radio out into the garden and pretend he was performing for a full stadium. After taking some music classes to learn various instruments and music theory, he began meeting with a fellow student who saw his masterful talent.

Recognize this beat?

And this little tune?

And now purely his own

Download - The Audition EP

Saturday, January 22, 2011


If someone in the music industry has the guts to call them selves "skillz"... they better have them

and he... definitely does!

get it:
Skillz- The World Needs More Skillz
Skillz- the rap up 2010
Skillz- the rap up 2009
Skillz- the wrap up

James Figurine - Covers

Here is the nice James Figurine - Covers mix-tape. If your a real fan no preview required.

Click the image and the download will begin. MAGIC.

James Figurine

So, Jimmy Tamborello, i'd say to be one of the kings and founders of this new age electronica scene. This man is a musical guru, teaming up with his brothers to create "Figurine" in the 90's, then continuing his musical career by joining up with friend, Ben Gibbard, sending tracks to each other through the mail from different sides of the world, thus creating The Postal Service, hence the name.  His love for creating music continues as he dreams up two more side projects titled Dntel and James Figurine.

So since i just came across a James Figurine remix album, i'm gonna throw all of James Figurine at you, and save the rest of Tamborello for your eager selves to find.....Or until we dish out more.

James Figurine - Mistake, Mistake, Mistake,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wolfgang Amadeus Pheonix - Remix album

I'm sure you all remember the Phoenix post.
well people have been making remixes from them for about the whole album..
some more mellow, some more upbeat...

"Phoenix" Rome (DC bootleg remix) 320kb download by (DC) Dylan Mcintosh

Download: Phoenix Remix Collection


Starfucker is probably the greatest indie electro synth pop artists ever known. Ever music library should have a splash of the now dubbed STRFKR. They create all around amazing music, but they also have a knack of making those tunes that you'll never get bored of. Starfucker has been a gem in my library ever since ThatFunk gave me a preview over a year ago. They've recently come out of a long hibernation with a starfucker.bandcamp and a new album Reptilians out March 8th.

Starfucker - Random 1

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Saycet started as a one man project of Frenchman Pierre Lefeuvre, who spent much of his days surrounded by the sounds of Boards of Canada and Múm. His first solo album as Saycet, One Day at Home is largely a compilation of abstract landscapes almost fairytale like, in my opinion the perfect sleep soundtrack. Now joinded with Phoene Somsavath and Zita Cochet, a new flavor has evolved to a new experimental pop. Their new album Through The Window is made of discrete vocal samples that breeze in and out with melodies on layered keyboards and detailed electronics,they are nothing short of amazing.


Monday, January 3, 2011

jj - Let Them (Official Video)

so here is another video that was a little hard to come across, as it is just recently floating around the blogosphere.

Really liking the videos coming out from this artist... feeling that 2011 will be the year for jj. Enjoy.

Download jj - Let Them

The Ellie Goulding Cover's

Don't know how many people do or do not know of Ellie Goulding's music increasingly gaining attention in the blogosphere, but she is another one of the beautiful female singers making her way up the charts in the music industry. Here i was particularly intrigued by these few cover songs she has lately released.

Download Ellie Goulding - Sweet Disposition (The Temper Trap Cover).mp3

Download Ellie Goulding - Sleepyhead (Passion Pit Cover(.mp3

jj - Let Go (Official Video)

Here is the first official music video by jj, off their nº 3 album. Enjoy the video, because i know i did. If you just want the song hit the link down the bottom.

Download jj - Let Go.mp3