Friday, July 20, 2012

Brown Bag AllStars

Good Old school Hip Hop, definitely worth the listen..
often produced by J57 and The Audible Doctors

Most of their stuff is available for free on their blog:

Kill Paris

Los Angeles seems to be a major sweet spot for new artists.  Kill Paris is an LA native who seems to be able to do a bit of everything.  He's got that groove driven with a strong funky bassline and elevated with a solid synthed out guitar riff.  But he also does a fair bit of that crazy drumstep/dubstep.  All I'll say for now is this talented producer will be hitting the mainstream soon.

Theres loads of stuff available on his soundcloud.

Stephen Swartz

To all the Dubstep lovers, you need to hear this...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wildcat! Wildcat!

Theres isn't much out there about this Los Angeles based trio but they do make a nice sound, very indie.

Your looking at all their releases so far, so expect more from them soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Klumzy Tung

Funny, entertaining british rapper...

Digits: Death and Desire

Curious to begin with, but it grows on you.

Nite Jewel makes a nice little remix

Modlee & Vlooper: Sunwalk EP

Some kinda futuristic soul.

Poolside: Pacific Standard Time

You may remember way back when Poolside first came out with their single "Harvest Moon" and might have thought that they made a decent little cover of Neil Young. But I have been watching them grow from "Take Me Home" to "Do You Believe", then I knew they were something special. Well Poolside has broken out of the phase of soundcloud singles and have released their debut album, which I must say is quite the catch. They dub their style as "Day-Time Disco", no other words would be more fitting.