Sunday, October 31, 2010


Nujabes is a Japanese Hip-Hop producer and DJ, using the reverse of his real name Jun Seba as his alias. Who produces a Jazz based beat which he has various artists rap over, most notably Shing02 with their work on the Luv(sic) series. Its sad to say that Nujabes passed away abruptly in a car accident, he was only 36. Luckily he has many collaborations with other artists that were unreleased, and these tracks are in plan for a last Hydeout Production, his own record label.

Download Nujabes - Hydeout Productions 1st Collection

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cunninlynguists vs Notorious B.I.G - BiggieLynguists (Mr. Francois remix)

I have no idea who Mr. Francois is but he really throws it down with this remix. Mashing Cunninlynguists - Linguistics and mixes it with vocals from Biggie's Dead Wrong. If you have heard of Cunninlynguists then you know the beat, now listen to it with Biggie on top.

Download Cunninlynguists vs Notorious B.I.G - BiggieLynguists

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beat Connection

These two kids have taken Chillwave by storm, Jordan Koplowitz and Reed Juenger hailing from Seatle, Washington have given us a new look on the Chillwave genre. Experimenting with both instrumental and vocal songs they have refreshened Chillwave with their strong beats and catchy lyrics.

And a mashup using Biggie and Washed Out

Chip Tha Ripper - The Cleveland Show

Chip Tha Ripper entered my iTunes round bout the same time as Actual Proof, while discovering the huge underground rap game that is happening while everyone is blinded by all that mainstream crap. Working along side Kid Cudi, Chip Tha Ripper is part of the movement into bringing back hip-hop from the dead.

I gotta post a bunch of videos otherwise you just wont know.

Download Chip Tha Ripper - The Cleveland Show

Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) - Hazelton

A different side of Bon Iver.

Download Justin Vernon - Hazelton

Shout to

Monday, October 25, 2010

Actual Proof

Don't know if you guys know anything bout 9th Wonder, but he's pretty much the man in charge of keeping hip hop alive. He creates crazy beats and has top MC's rapping about real stuff on top of it. So Actual Proof, founded by 9th, are a two man team from north carolina who really have their shit down, problem is no one knows it.
So Actual proof consists of Enigma and Sundown..... They have only released a few singles to date, and i am posting all of em up here cuz they are that good.

Just found this one today.....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Matisyahu Covers "Use Somebody"

Here is another Mashup Monday's release.... this one is epic, Matisyahu mixes up Kings of Leon, and its beautiful.

Download Matisyahu - Use Somebody (Kings of Leon Cover)

Chiddy Bang - The Swelly Express & Air Swell

Chiddy bang, you may know them from their recent success "The Opposite of adults"
they originated from philly California.  Mike Hoffman describes them as "rap but not rap in a way..."
shown on the album are also numerous freestyles, which amazing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chiddy Bang Covers "Don't Worry Be Happy" has been doing a cool thing lately, called Mash-up Mondays. They basically take up & coming artists and put them in a studio to cover a song of their choice. Here's a video of Chiddy freestyling while Xaphoon plays the guitar. Enjoy.

I dont have a download link....sorry.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


The godfather of glitch electronica, Arne Van Petegem, originates from Belgium. He revolutionized Dntel's early beginnings into the then relatively new genre and opened it up to the world. He often collaborates with many of the Morr Music artists such as Ben Gibbard, Andrew Kenny and many more. His new album Daily Synthesizers & Daily Tranquilizers is quite hard to come by, however his internationally recognized album Nothing's Lost is abundant in every indietronica fanatic's music library.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blackbird Blackbird

We finally have a studio album from Blackbird Blackbird, the Summer Heart LP. Based in San Francisco, Mikey Sanders takes chillwave to a new level, still sticking with the laid back beach vibe, he adds his own flavor which makes you wanna kick back the lounge chair, sit under the shade, sip some lemonade and get blazed.

Download Blackbird Blackbird - Summer Heart LP

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TiRon - Down


Download TiRon - Down

Seeing Suge - Breaking EP

Yesterday i found a small EP released this group that goes by the name of Seeing Suge. Four tracks which feature a compilation of unreleased tracks from bands like Blackbird Blackbird and Star Slinger. The part of this tape that stands out the most is the single "Breaking" from Seeing Suge......... I dont even know how to describe this sound, ever think you could mash dreamy electro with some rap... well these guys did.... this shit is dope. Cant get enough, definitely will be looking out for Seeing Suge in the future.

Update - I might be trippin but i cant help but to hear a sample from Memoryhouse - Lately in the background.....

<a href="">Breaking by Seeing Suge</a>

Download Seeing Suge - Breaking EP

Monday, October 11, 2010

N.E.R.D - Hypnotize You (Produced By Daft Punk)

This is a pre- release coming off N.E.R.D's upcoming album entitled Nothing. Thiss shit is smooth from start to finish.... It features vocals from Pharell which just stick with you, you will find urself singing this shit all day.. if this is what to expect for the album shits gonna hit the fucking fan.

Just close your eyes let me hypnotize you
I can make your storm feel sky blue
Girl when you lost you know I’ll find you,
If I’m not beside you I’m behind you

Download N.E.R.D - Hypnotize You

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Populous with Short Stories

Populous moves away from his acoustic sounds to the more electric sound as he joins Short Stories to create a masterpiece called Drawn In Basic. This very IDM based sound is one to enjoy after a few cleared bowls, for then Populous and Short Stories will blow your mind with their piercing lyrics, tweets and twirls of electro, and fluttering sounds so unexplainable you just have to listen to understand.

Friday, October 8, 2010

A-Y - Tide Of Cool

Everyone who listens to music needs to listen to A-Y. He has beastly beats and his rhymes are genius. Check this guy out, definitely one of the top underground rappers i've come across. Check the whole mixtape, i can feel it hitting mainstream  so be the first to listen to the future.
Download the tape for free From Bandcamp.

<a href="">CLASSICK Feat. TEE NYCE by VCProject</a>

<a href="">OUTTA MY WORLD by VCProject</a>

Download A-Y - Tide Of Cool

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers is an Indie Alternative band from London. The band consists of two brother and sister pairs. Their sound is quite unique with crazy guitars and vocals. Quite big in the UK, they definitely need some more attention. Download their first EP, and if you liked it grab another.

Thanks to ma homie Jo for the find. 

Download The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers
Password - XrayZ

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Heralds of Change (Hudson Mohawk and Mike Slott)

Heralds of Change
are a combination of two artists, Hudson Mohawk, and Mike Slott.
Hudson Mowhawk works with all the beats
mike slott does the rapping.
sittin on the side Ep
Show You Ep
Puzzles Ep

Secrets Ep

Heralds Of Change - Sittin On The Side by allcitydublin

Heralds of change - discography

Monday, October 4, 2010

Murs - 3:16 The 9th Edition

Murs is an underground mc from Mid-City Los Angeles. The name ‘MURS’ is an acronym for Making Underground Raw Shit. Murs has got a few releases to date, but the most popular critically acclaimed album was a collab with the famous beatmaker 9th Wonder. Anyone rapping over 9th's beats is worth listening to. So sit back and press Play.

Download Murs - 3:16 The 9th Edition

Sunday, October 3, 2010

MiM0SA - Silver Lining Ep

MiM0SA for those who don't know, is a very chilled/downtempo dubstep artist.
A smooth combination of Dntel, Pantyraid, and Bonobo (all three good artists).

I'm In Love With A Stripper (MiM0SA REMixxx) by TigranMiMoSA

Download here:

Monarchy -

Monarchy is a duo from London that produces dreamy pop-music. Their first single Gold In The Fire / Black The Colour Of My Heart was released on Neon Gold Records on February 1st 2010. They have done remixes for Ellie Goulding, Kelis, Lady Gaga, Marina & the Diamonds, etc. Why no one is talking about this duo is beyond me; I have a feeling they’ll be something special.

Gold In The Fire (Def Starr Remix) by brilliantlydifferent

Download Monarchy - Gold In The Fire (Deff Starr Remix)
Download Monarchy - The Phoenix Alive

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow is chillwave but with a beat. We don't know very much about him but when you hear his music its like transmitting suburban ghost dreams that sound like a slow motion shot of a cannon, singing about spirits, visions, and aural hallucinations cutting through the first American night.