Saturday, January 22, 2011

James Figurine

So, Jimmy Tamborello, i'd say to be one of the kings and founders of this new age electronica scene. This man is a musical guru, teaming up with his brothers to create "Figurine" in the 90's, then continuing his musical career by joining up with friend, Ben Gibbard, sending tracks to each other through the mail from different sides of the world, thus creating The Postal Service, hence the name.  His love for creating music continues as he dreams up two more side projects titled Dntel and James Figurine.

So since i just came across a James Figurine remix album, i'm gonna throw all of James Figurine at you, and save the rest of Tamborello for your eager selves to find.....Or until we dish out more.

James Figurine - Mistake, Mistake, Mistake,

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