Thursday, November 18, 2010

jj - Discography

Two new releases from jj, reminds me to blog about them.

jj is probably one of my favorite all time finds. This music is indescribable, the closest similarity i can think of is the xx, this band consists of a male and female duo. They keep their sound so mellow eerie it just sends you trippin.. so soothing and dreamy. Most of their songs are remakes from other songs, like imagine Akon's Troublemaker, slower, and re-sung by an amazing female vocalist, no need to imagine, Listen.

Here is a few earlier releases, hard for me to pick the better ones, but seriously just download all three albums.

jj - Ecstasy ( Lil' Wayne - A Milli re-make)

jj - Ceo Birthday ( Jeremih cover )

jj - Let Go

jj - Troublemaker (Akon Cover)

Download jj - JJ
Download jj - N°2
Download jj - N°3
Download jj - Kills i was beginning to miss this beautiful voice, jj comes back with two new amazing releases.

jj - Let Them ( Akon cover)

jj - I'm the One/Money on My Mind ( Samples Intro by the xx)

Download jj - Let Them.mp3
Download jj - Im The One/Money On My Mind.mp3

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