Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seeing Suge - Breaking EP

Yesterday i found a small EP released this group that goes by the name of Seeing Suge. Four tracks which feature a compilation of unreleased tracks from bands like Blackbird Blackbird and Star Slinger. The part of this tape that stands out the most is the single "Breaking" from Seeing Suge......... I dont even know how to describe this sound, ever think you could mash dreamy electro with some rap... well these guys did.... this shit is dope. Cant get enough, definitely will be looking out for Seeing Suge in the future.

Update - I might be trippin but i cant help but to hear a sample from Memoryhouse - Lately in the background.....

<a href="http://seeingsuge.bandcamp.com/track/breaking">Breaking by Seeing Suge</a>

Download Seeing Suge - Breaking EP

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